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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Complete Overview:

We all have watched the Simpsons and absolutely love the writers for the story that they have created. Well now you can recreate their stories in your own Springfield town. There are a couple of Simpson’s games out there but Simpsons Tapped Out is the best life ruining game I have ever played.

Story line of the game
The story line of the game is quite easy to understand. Springfield is a town with a vast population but gets destroyed by Homer when he experiences a meltdown. We know it wasn’t intentional so we are going to help Homer build up Springfield again. Now you can build your own personal Springfield from scratch and do whatever you want to do with the people living there. So good news, if you can’t control your life you can now control the lives of the citizens of Springfield.

Rebuild and reunite
Start from scratch means that you will have to literally start from scratch. Start building homes and infrastructure around the city. Add some buildings as well such as schools and shopping malls. Not only do you have to build the city, you also have to build the broken relationship between Homer and his loved once who will help him re-build the city.

Perpetual Destruction
The game never gets boring because Springfield will always be on the verge of getting destroyed over and over again. Whether it is because of the Halloween Monster or because of the Homer’s new innovating ideas, the fun of building and reuniting everyone will never get old.

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