PUBG Mobile Complete Overview:

Action shooting games have taken over the gaming industry. Almost every gaming developer put there has launched his own shooting game but no game can compete with the environment, graphics and the gameplay of PUBG. In the past the game was only available for PC but now you can download PUBG mobile to enjoy the thrill on your smartphones.


The gameplay of PUBG is quite simple. Since it is a survival shooting game so you have to shoot everyone that comes in your way to win the game. You along with the other players will be dropped from an aircraft on an island with supplies. Since you guys are the only last survivors thus have to compete with one and others. You will be dropped in a circle which will shrink over time and you will have stay inside of it to make sure that you don’t do any damage to your health.

Gather your supplies

Once you hit the ground you have to raid different buildings. When you go insides these houses and warehouses you will see ammo, armor, guns and other weapons and items that will help you throughout your journey. Once you have your supplies you can start looking for targets and shoot them down before they shoot you.

Weapons and Amor

There are different weapons, character customizations, and armor that you can purchase from the in-app store. you have to gain the currency by winning the games and then you can use them to buy stuff that you need from the store.

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PUBG which is short for Players unknown battleground is the best survival game is the market at the moment and has won the hearts of millions of players around the globe and for sure once you start playing the game you will be hitched to it day and night because it isn’t just a game but it is life!

The gameplay of the game is all about survival. You will be battling for your survival against the 100 other players that are dropped on the ground with you from an aircraft with no supplies or weapons. Once on the ground, you will be on your own and you have to look for resources and weapons to fight and stay alive.

Gaming Modes

There are different gaming modes that you can get your hands on. You can either play them as a single person or you can form a dual. If you have more friends than you can only from a squad of four people to defeat the other squads and claim the victory.

Prepare yourself

Fighting won’t be easy because you will not only face other humans but in certain gaming modes, you also have to fight against zombies who will attack you the moment that they get a chance. So it is time that you come up with a strategy and use your survival skills to stay alive to claim the title of the last survivor.

Do you love mobile games? If yes then surely you have heard about PUBG Mobile. If you did not hear about it then it’s time to try it. By Playing the game you will enter in the world of amusement and can enjoy gaming experience. TenCent games developed it. Around millions of downloads has been done for this game till now which means it has millions of users. for both Android and iOS users can enjoy this game as its available for both users. Therefore, the PUBG Mobile hack mod apk in can be easily run in mobile phone and player can play effortlessly.

PUBG is fundamentally a survival action game which means sat what extent player can persist. Some people think it as time consuming and tough. But we think if once you properly come to know its rules and playing method you will enjoy it. Playing it is also fun. So, the only things you have to do is to pay appropriate consideration during playing the game. Here, we will explain some of the tips that can help you out in playing PUBG Mobile with latest pubg mobile mod apk.


One other important things are about clothes. most of the people do not pay attention to clothes or avatar appearance. lots of people make their appeal fashionable they wear designing clothes. Well, its need to realize that it is not game of a fashion, if you feel great in fashion then you can easily acquire free skins in Pubg mobile. On a preemptive message, be certain about your character clothes which should not be visible in plain view.


Another primary concern the players are required to remember during playing a game is the spot to drop. He should pick the one which is protected, and the plunder is additionally great. This will be useful in making longer survival in the game. It might also build your possibilities of winning.

Who isn’t aware of the most famous game at the moment? PUBG is the most played game around the globe at the moment across the globe. With its amazing graphics and gameplay modes, the game is liked and enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Thanks to the PUBG Corporation, which developed and published this game and made our free-time quite interesting and filled with action. The concept of the game is based on the movie Battle Royal thus has the concept of the last man standing.

The gameplay of the mode is quite interesting. The survival game starts with 100 individuals who are dropped on an island and have to fight against the enemies to remain the last one standing. The player can pick up armor, weapons and other equipment for survival.

The players are dropped in a safe circle which shrinks over time and all the surviving players will have to move in that circle and fight for survival until only one of them is left and he or she is the winner of the game.

There is a squad mode of the game as well. You can play with three of your friends and form a squad. The game mode is the same. You will have to compete against the other squads and fight for survival until the last moment to win the game.


One of the things that I enjoy most about the game is its graphics. You will be surprised to see the amount of work the developers have put into the graphics. The high-quality graphics of the game make it look more realistic and add to the excitement of the players.

The Mobile Version of PUBG

PUBG was first launched for PCs. Later the developers launched it for Mobile as well and it works wonders on both IOS and Android. The best part is that the mobile version of the game is much simpler than the PC version. The auto looting feature, the virtual keys for attacking and defending, auto-opening system and various other features on the mobile version are just simply amazing.

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