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Summary of Choices: Stories You Play

In this bustling world, each individual needs a source for keeping themselves away from their pressure and tiredness. If you are searching for this sort of stage, at that point Choices: is the best suggestion from us. it’s a story-based playing. the main choice is to choose your favorite story for playing. It is an open reenactment world where you have the option to choose various sorts of stories. It implies there are various types of reality-based stories that can be accessed. if you want to kill exhausting hours and want to engrave real-life services, at this point you ought to install choices. Here all tales change on the premise of week after week and month to month. Here you can play with companions and offer all accomplishments by sharing on social media sites.

Role Playing or story based stimulation games provide us with so many scenarios of the real-life experiences that we get to understand the different sides of the story and why that situation actually took place. Choices: Stories You Play is one of the best simulation games that you can pay to blow off some steam.

Choices: Stories You Play

This is a real-life simulation game is which the stories that you take part in are based on real life experiences and scenarios. You can take part in different stories and each story has different chapters. Your task is you make sure that you answer the questions right because this how the story is going to take go. Your choice of answers is going to affect the overall story in the game.

Diversity of Game

The best thing about the game is that get to take part in different stories. You can actually try real-life scenarios as well to see how the story will go. You will get different choices to answer the questions. You can unlock different levels and stories using diamonds and keys.


There are two types of currencies in the game. Diamonds can be used to unlock premium stories. Higher levels of the game can be unlocked through diamonds as well. Keys can also be used to purchase different items in the game. They are a bit scarce so use them wisely.

choices contain two types of currency or cash. this currency can be used to unlock the available episodes or tasks. First, you need some playing tips and you should have knowledge of application and rules. information related playing choices is necessary for right playing and for owing to top

  • diamond is a platinum level of money means above the basic and standard. it’s the first type of money for cracking the best means you need diamond d to unlock the new chapter and episodes in the game. if you want to achieve a higher level in game then it’s necessary to finish all chapters and right answered the asked question in game.
  • The game contains another type of money called key .it is helpful to pass the different level and to unlock the chapters. At all times use key prudently or devote to valuable stuff
    The requirement for this game is android  4.02 and above and 93 MB space is required .this is only available for Android users and also available for Amazon gadget.

Choices: Stories You Play Trailer

How to Install Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK?

  1. Download “Choices: Stories You Play”
  2. Extract into your PC or Mobile device using File Manager.
  3. Place Data file at “/sdcard/Android/data
  4. Start Game and Enjoy.

Download Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK on Android

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