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Army Men Strike Short Overview:

The market is filled with some real time strategy games that involve around action and shooting mechanisms. Well most of these games are equipped for the teenagers or the adults but there are hardly any games of the kids which is where the Army Men Strike comes it.

Multi-Genera Game
Army Men Strike is a multi-genera game that is based on tower defense, real time strategy, stimulation and resource control gaming mechanisms. The game is based on your miniature toy army that you used to use to play around with when you were small. Now instead of just imagining, you can really fight against the evil legions or the forces that try to invade your home.

Story line
The story behind the game is quite interesting. You are taken back to your childhood from where you gather as much of your toy army as possible. You can get stuff toys,, ducks, animals, action figures and other toys to position at different areas of the house, staging them as defense mechanism against the invaders.

Plan your moves
Your task is to build a base or headquarters in your bedroom, where all the planning takes place. You can build it in a money box or a doll house if you have one. You can plan your strategies there and put them to test. Next you can use your trains and cars to transport resources and items to your army men from one place of the house to another. Download the game and relive your childhood.

Army Men Strike Video:

How to Install Army Men Strike MOD APK:

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